When the real estate market is booming, you are closing sale after sale, and new clients are coming in left and right, the last thing you want to do is search through an unorganized spreadsheet to manage your client information. If you’re prepared to expand your business, let us introduce you to a tool that will transform your life: the real estate CRM. .

You may manage your contacts and avoid wasting valuable time on manual data input using a CRM (customer relationship management) system, which functions as an online database.

Why do Agents Need a Real Estate CRM Software?

While trying to keep your meetings and contracts structured, you’re managing several clients and prospecting for new ones as a real estate agent.
Real estate agents can focus on more critical activities by automating the repetitive parts of their workflow with the help of a CRM.

Some of the key features a CRM offers to simplify your life include the ones listed below:

  • Quickly respond to inquiries regarding properties without having to look through your email.
  • Note who you’ve spoken to and who is farther along in the home-buying process.
  • Check online to see if your prospects have visited your website or opened your emails.
  • Optimize your sales funnel and keep track of closings in one place.
  • Stay in touch with old clients to maintain relationships and get future referrals.
  • Automate workflow procedures like email confirmations after open homes.

The top CRMs for real estate agencies are discussed here. Even though many of these CRMs aren’t explicitly targeted at realtors, the real estate sector can benefit from their use.

Best Real Estate CRM Software 2024

We’ve listed a few free CRM for real estate if you’re new to using one and are looking for a low-risk way to implement this practical tool. Consider purchasing one of the paid systems, which provides additional capability at a premium price, if you’re searching for a CRM more tailored to the real estate industry.

1. PropertyCRM by Webtales

Key Features

  • SEO enabled Website with no additional Cost
  • Property and Project Listings
  • Lead Management System
  • Invoicing and Financial Management
  • Reference Contacts Management
  • Custom Requirements
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Dynamic Reporting Dashboard
  • Tele Calling Management
  • Documentation Management
  • User Roll Management
  • Easy Self-Service Portal
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Lead Generation through Website
  • Easy Reminders

A Real Estate CRM software isn’t just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic necessity for property dealers and builders aspiring to achieve lasting success. Enter PropertyCRM by Webtales, a frontrunner that redefines the norm, offering a comprehensive solution that extends well beyond conventional CRM capabilities.

Seamlessly integrating property/project listings with invoicing, providing robust customization features, and ensuring continuous updates and support, PropertyCRM by Webtales epitomizes innovation and efficiency in real estate management. 

In an industry marked by constant evolution, the choice of PropertyCRM by Webtales transcends a mere business decision—it represents a forward-looking investment in the future of real estate triumph.

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2. HubSpot

Key Features

●    Automation of work
●    Tools for call tracking
●    Template emails
●    Free choice

Hubspot Real Estate CRM Software, a all-in-one CRM will make your job more accessible every step of the way because it is built to expand your company. HubSpot CRM has features like contact management, email templates, and meeting schedules to help you sell more effectively and quickly.

Email templates, call monitoring tools, capability for sales automation, and pipeline management systems are some of their features. Through their App Marketplace, you can also link the CRM with the apps and tools used by your business, automate tasks, make a customized appointment scheduler, add live chat to your website, and more.

HubSpot CRM may be combined with Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub for even more capability. It is a component of Sales Hub. Real estate businesses that want to scale while keeping their systems united in one location should use this technology.

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3. Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Key Features

●    Exclusive listings
●    Mobile apps 
●    Exclusive listings

With the Zillow Premier Real Estate CRM Software, you can get “customer insights you can’t see anyplace else” with the Zillow Premier Agent CRM. The CRM lets you view your clients’ Zillow search activity, providing you with the data you need to give them the best possible service. Additionally, Zillow provides a free mobile app that enables you to manage your business while on the move and respond to prospects.

This Real Estate CRM Software offers tasks, personalized notes, and reminders. If you use the Zillow CRM, there won’t be any competition because you’ll be the only agent potential purchaser of your property see. The fact that this application only connects to Zillow and not any other residential real estate websites may be a drawback.

4. Sales mate for Realtors

Key Features

●    Make contact with several lead sources.
●    Means of communication, such as emails, calls, messages, and conferencing
●    Automate marketing campaigns, communications, and follow-ups.

For sales, marketing, and customer experience teams, Sales mate is a flexible CRM & Automation Platform. Although many businesses use the platform, most of its users are in the real estate industry.

Real estate Leads can be readily imported into CRM by connecting Sales mate to various sources. Once the charges are in, managing your deals and pipeline becomes simple. To close more business, you have access to all the communication tools you need in Sales mate.

Through this Real Estate CRM Software you may automate routine tasks, follow-ups, communications, and marketing initiatives using Sales mate.

Real Estate CRM Software

5. AgileCRM

Key Features

●    Document storage is limitless
●    Simple cooperation
●    Integrates with Google Drive and Zendesk

Despite not being targeted primarily at realtors, this Real Estate CRM Software has several features that can be useful to them. This solution is perfect for small teams that wish to work together using a single collaboration tool because it offers limitless document storage, job management, document tracking, and appointment setting.

You can track your leads with AgileCRM based on where they are in the sales process, providing you with the most visibility into your pipeline.

You can ensure a consistent client experience from the minute a potential customer contacts you by tracking your sales, marketing, and service efforts on one platform. Social media platforms, help desk programs like Zendesk, and productivity programs like Gmail and Google Drive are all integrated with this software.

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6. Streak CRM for Real Estate

Key Features

●    Utilizes your Gmail inbox directly
●    Chrome is simple to install and track performance

Do you promote Google Workspace? If so, Streak might be your ideal CRM. You can keep tabs on bargains in your Gmail inbox using this feature. Spend less time switching between systems by maintaining your contacts in your current inbox.

This CRM can be used immediately in your Chrome browser, cutting the onboarding process in half by skipping the adoption stage. Simply install the free extension to utilize the tool with your Google apps.

The free and Solo versions of this Real Estate CRM Software include powerful features like email tracking, pipeline management, automatic email classification, tasks, and reminders. Reports and access to the Streak API are only two examples of the more sophisticated features available in the Pro and Enterprise versions.

7. Apptivo

Key Features

●    Mobile client data access
●    Works with the majority of tech stacks
●    Conduct targeted campaigning

You may access your contact details, project management tools, invoicing platforms, and email campaigns using Apptivo. You may use Apptivo to design robust automation rules that will save you and your clients time while giving you access to client data from wherever.

Inventory management, work order creation, and agent sales territory assignment are additional capabilities on this Real Estate CRM Software. You can also design assignment criteria automatically assigning leads and clients to your reps.

8. Bitrix24

Key Features

●    Fixed-price sales automation
●    Users are unlimited in the free version.

Within an accessible CRM interface, Bitrix24 provides cutting-edge multimedia features. Real estate agents can speak directly with prospects and clients through call-back forms, social media messenger, live video chat, and phone-in chat. Additionally, Bitrix24 offers pipeline management tools that provide total project visibility and aid in meeting deadlines.

With its capacity to automate sales funnels, managing your pipeline will no longer require any manual labor. Another fantastic feature is managing your marketing spending and determining the return on investment without installing additional software.

This CRM can be accessed via a web browser, mobile device, or PC.

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9. Wise Agent

Key Features

●    Lead automation
●    Management of transactions
●    Solutions for marketing

Wise Agent is a potent all-in-one CRM for realtors that agents created for other agents. Wise Agent can assist you in managing all aspects of your business in one location by providing seamless transaction management, sophisticated automation, time management capabilities, and a central database for all your customer information.

You can build effective landing pages for your website, automate lead classifications and contact assignments, and combine all your discussions into one interface with Wise Agent.

10. Pipedrive

Key Features

●    Synchronizes with Google Calendar 
●    Lead segments
●    Contact information

Pipedrive was created to make using CRM easier for users. By building personalized pipelines, the technology makes sales visual so you can understand exactly where your deals are in the sales cycle.

Google Calendar syncing, Reminders, and task automation are notable features. You can also update contact information, make new agreements, and complete a sale from beginning to end using its visual sales funnel in one simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Pipedrive has a mobile app and interacts with well-known third-party programs like Trello, Asana, and Slack.

11. Propertybase

Key Features

●    Google and Office 365 
●    Listing management.
●    Tracking analytics with ease

An all-encompassing real estate platform called Propertybase includes integrated CRM, marketing, and Internet Data Display (IDX) website software. 

To ensure that the correct buyer sees your properties at the right moment, you may manage listings on real estate websites and build automatic ad campaigns on social media sites using their CRM. Additionally, it allows you to syndicate listings on real estate portals and interacts with essential MLSs. 

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